Encore Business Incubator

Meet Your Ideal Client - Speak Their Language - Make More Sales

Join us to build a custom sales and marketing plan that calls in your ideal clients.

If you are a female coach, consultant, or service-based business owner who has already developed a program/course/offer that you want to sell more of…you’re in the right place!

How many of the below statements are true for you right now?

  • You don’t know who your ideal client is
  • You can’t make enough sales that bring in enough money to support yourself
  • You don’t have a lead generation process, or if you do, it’s very weak
  • You don’t have a sales process, or if you do, it’s  very weak

If even ONE of the above statements describes you, we can't wait to welcome you into the Encore Business Incubator program!

The Encore Business Incubator is a 12-month self-study high-touch coaching program with access to the experts. Throughout the program, you can get your questions answered, and your content reviewed, and you can brainstorm ideas and co-create with us five days a week. 

You will get:

  • Access to our world-class learning platform and curriculum.
  • Your own private communication channel with Carmen & Deirdre.
  • A private client community for collaboration, sharing, and support.
  • Office Hours three times a month.

How it's been going: You spend way too much time sitting at your computer wondering if you will ever figure out how to run your own business without working another 60 hours and ending the week feeling like you are just spinning your wheels.

You're beginning to wonder if you are cut out to be an entrepreneur. 

You have taken programs in the past, and nothing seems to work to bring in enough sales or to help you get clear on your marketing strategy. You’re doing “all the things” and keep chasing shiny objects, hoping it will solve your problems.

What you see: The business gurus online spend their time trying to make you fit into a mold that’s certainly not designed for the over-forty woman.

The confusion and frustration you’re living with are palpable. You aren’t dumb, so why can’t you figure this out???

Whether you’ve tried buying into “done-for-you” business models or implementing “all the trends,” you’re always left to discover that what they teach doesn’t align with your values, and now you’re out a bunch of cash and no closer to the results you know you’re capable of.

You know you need to invest in yourself to get from where you are to where you want to be, but nobody out there seems to understand you.

You have more life experience than half of the gurus you see online; doesn’t that count for something?

And what’s worse is...

All that life experience means you’re not getting any younger!

You want to get results NOW, but you haven’t been able to find the right guidance. If you don’t find it soon, you’ll end up regretting the fact that you couldn’t figure it out, watching from the sidelines as others succeed.

What you’re experiencing is all too common! 

You’re a heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to make a difference. You’re working really hard at what you see others doing but your business is not growing. The problem is that what you see on the surface doesn’t begin to tell the story of someone else’s success. You need to stop looking “out there” for the answers that you hold inside.

We do things differently. 

We don’t put you into a cookie-cutter program that you must fit into. Our learning platform gives you a mini-MBA education so you will gain confidence in running your business which will serve you for the life of your business. Talk about a return on investment!

We customize the exact strategy you need for your business, for your goals, and for your lifestyle.

We work with you to uncover the core essence of your business, and we work alongside you to develop your customized business strategy.

  1. We identify (or confirm) your ideal client. Most people *think* they know who their ideal client is, but very few do.
  2. You’ll learn how to speak your ideal client’s language to attract them and make sales.
  3. You’ll finally understand how to create sales and marketing strategies tailored to your business that bring in more sales.

What might it cost you if you don’t get expert guidance:

  • You will waste precious time.
  • You will waste even more money.
  • You will burn out and give up on your business.

We can't wait to see you on the inside! Click the Enroll Now button below and get started today.

30 Modules


To ensure you're prepared to hit the ground running, please complete this pre-work before diving into the rest of the training.

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Thanks to the amazing advances of technology, there are many tools and resources that will make your life as an entrepreneur MUCH easier!

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Mindset & Motivation - 4 (How to Cultivate a CEO Mindset)

Productivity - 1 (How to Collect Productivity Data & Why It's Important)

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